Düdjom Lingpa’s Visionary Journey to Zangdok Palri

Every Guru Rinpoche day for the last 12 years or so, Phakchok Rinpoche has been sending out letters to remind his students to be mindful, and to bring them back on the path.

Rinpoche already has begun to cover the visionary journeys of great practitioners to Copper-Colored Mountain (check out News for past stories), and Nekhor continues to share these Guru Rinpoche day messages. This, the seventh of the year’s series, recounts Düdjom Lingpa’s journey to Copper-Colored Mountain:

Dear friends near and far,

I hope this message finds you well, healthy and happy. Today, I would like to share with you the story of Düdjom Lingpa’s (1835-1909) visionary journey to Zangdok Palri. Düdjom Lingpa was one of the great tertöns of the nineteenth century. His reincarnations include Kyabjé Düdjom Rinpoché (1904-87), a great scholar, treasure revealer, meditation master and a living representation of Guru Rinpoche in our times.

Once, in a vision, a blue ḍākinī appeared to Düdjom Lingpa and asked if he wanted to go to Zangdok Palri. As he acquiesced, she took him by the fingertips of his right hand and led him to the top of a high mountain. There, the ḍākinī told him to spread his arms and fly, and like eagles, they flew across lands and oceans to Zangdok Palri, a mountain blue at the base, white in the middle, and red on top. Reaching the top of the mountain, they found a land made of colorful, radiant light. The earth was covered with medicinal plants and fragrant flowers, the ground so soft that merely stepping on it filled the tertön with bliss.

In the middle of this land was the Palace of Lotus Light, an inconceivable mansion made with precious gems. The first story was filled with ḍākas and ḍākinīs, male and female knowledge-holders, all surrounding Guru Rinpoché, seated in the center on a jeweled throne. His form was so splendorous that no one could get enough of looking at him. The second story was made of crystal. On it, atop sun and moon discs, sat Avalokiteśvara, white with four arms, teaching an ocean of bodhisattvas. The top story was made of lapis lazuli. On it was Amitāyus, seated on top sun and moon discs on a ruby throne. He was teaching the naturally appearing disciples in the state of realization.

Düdjom Lingpa paid homage, made aspirations and received blessings and teachings from all three buddha bodies. Around the palace, he also saw four magnificent mountains, atop each of which was Guru Rinpoché teaching different congregations of disciples. Düdjom Lingpa touched his head to Guru Rinpoché’s feet and prayed for blessings, teachings, and prophecies. The Lotus Guru took the tertön’s head in his two hands and bestowed all he wished for.

The blue ḍākinī then came back, and telling the tertön it was time to leave, she declared:

Kyeho, son of noble family!
There is neither coming nor going.
All appearances are like illusions in a dream:
All are reflections of your own projections.
If you focus your mind on the ultimate sphere,
You will wake up in the state of the ultimate sphere—
Do you understand?

As soon as Düdjom Lingpa came to his awareness, he woke up.

Please reflect on the teachings contained within these stories, and remember to always bring back your awareness to your practice.

Sarva Mangalam,

Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche