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Emerging from our core mission of revitalizing the holy sites of Guru Rinpoche, our team—members of Lhasey Lotsawa Translations—has been making traditional prayers and compositions honoring Guru Rinpoche and his activities available to all.

Our team of translators especially looks for prayers, guides, histories connected to the places he visited, the interactions he had there with his disciples, and the practices he accomplished there. We have been steadily translating this precious material and making it freely available on Lotsawa House. (For the full list see below.)

Now today’s practitioners can access these sacred works and make them part of their path.

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Revealing the Stories Behind Sites

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Following in Your Footsteps – The Lotus-Born Guru in Nepal

Coming in Fall 2019

It is with joyful hearts and great honor that we announce Following in Your Footsteps – The Lotus-Born Guru in Nepal, the first of a three-part series of books dedicated to the sacred sites of Padmasambhava in India, Nepal, and Tibet!

This series will trace the full arch of the journey of the Guru, who, beyond being a historical personage, is known as the very embodiment and personification of the tantric Buddhism. 

In this, the first of this three part series of books, we will present Guru Rinpoche’s life and deeds in Nepal. The mountains and valleys of Nepal played a unique role in the life of Guru Rinpoche. It is here that Guru Rinpoche went on extensive retreat, gave countless teachings to disciples, hid terma treasures and blessed the hills and valleys. In these pages we will encounter the stories behind the sites, learning how these miraculous events unfolded, and how masters throughout the ages have drawn upon their inspiration.

The first part of this book presents an introduction to sacred sites, an introduction to Guru Rinpoche, traditional literature surrounding Guru Rinpoche, and an overview of Guru Rinpoche’s time in Nepal. The second part, the main body of the book, tells of Guru Rinpoche’s life in Nepal through the places where he practiced and accomplished the path, taming hosts of humans and spirits all along the way. Finally, the third part presents an essential selection of prayers for invoking Guru Padmasambhava.

Why focus this first book on Nepal? It is because generations ago, a certain devoted young man made the aspiration to be reborn as a realised master in the land of Nepal, before the great Jarung Kashor Stupa – this devoted son later became known as Padmasambhava. Aspirations hold power, and it is our aspiration that this guide serve as a catalyst for your own journey, to follow in the footsteps of the one renowned as the Lotus-Born.

Look forward the release of the Nepal edition in the Fall of 2019!

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Every Guru Rinpoche Day, Lhasey Lotsawa Translations releases a brand-new prayer, guide, or life story connected with the Lotus-Born Guru, his disciples, and the places where they accomplished the Dharma. For the latest updates, check out What’s New. In the meantime, please enjoy this ever-expanding treasury of Guru Rinpoche’s blessings.

Our latest translation: A Garland of Vajra Words: A Prayer to the Guru by Dilgo Khyentsé

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